Mary & Jeff Erb
Mary & Jeff Erb
Greetings, we are Thankful you stopped by! We have an opportunity to change people's lives around us! Here's info on the "most significant discovery in nutritional science in the past 50 years." As a mom of many: I 've had 12 full term children with 1 man, my husb.,Jeff of 35 years! I used to always be tired, I had low energy & no memory. Then someone from our church, Cowboy Bill Watts shared this technology with us. At the same time , Jeff was downsized from a large Corp. job. With 11 children at home, we decided to "own our life." For 7 years we were both stay at home parents!! I am forever thankful that we got on these glyconutrients. It's been 22 years & I now have lots of energy, focus , wonderful memory & have my life back! My children have a legacy of wellness ... I am a stay at home mom with a global business! The future looks promising... Are you ready for your transformation?

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